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Feast Nedlands Canapes
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TARTS and FRITTATAS - serves 10 - 12

Chicken and vegetable filo tart   70.0
Lamb feta spinach suffre   70.0
Vegetarian spinach feta suffre (v)  65.0
Roast vegetable feta frittata (gf, v)  55.0
Persian frittata (eggplant) (gf, v)   55.0
Chirozo frittata (gf)  65.0
Bacon and vegetable frittata (gf)  65.0
Smoked salmon goats cheese frittata (gf)   60.0
Onion and thyme gruyere tart (v)   65.0
Roasted vegetable and feta tart (v)   60.0
Mushroom thyme and garlic breadcrumbs sourcream tart (v)  65.0
Pesto pumpkin and prosciutto tart   65.0
Smoked salmon artichoke goats cheese tart   70.0
Silverbeet and almond tart (v)   65.0