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Feast Nedlands Canapes
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FRESH SALADS - serves 10 - 12

Feast signature quinoa salad (gf, ve)   55.0
Italian coleslaw (gf, ve)  55.0
Moroccan roast vegetable couscous   55.0
Babaganoush with roasted cauliflower, pomegranate (v)  55.0
Potato salad (v)  55.0
Cauliflower and peas (v)  55.0
Roast pumpkin spinach with babaganoush (v)  55.0
Pear, walnut and fennel salad   55.0
Pear, walnut and bocconcini salad  55.0
Gourmet lettuce with prosciutto and bocconcini   60.0
Soba noodle chicken salad   60.0
Vietnamese chicken salad (gf)   60.0
Gourmet caesar with bacon  60.0
Green salad  60.0
Greek salad  60.0
Orange and roasted almonds salad  60.0