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Feast Nedlands Canapes
Contact UsOpen Monday - Saturday 7am to 3pm

CURRIES, CASSEROLES and PASTA - serves 5 - 8

Moroccan honey almond chicken tagine with ras el hanout   72.5
Turkish chicken with apricots, saffron & pistachios   72.5
Indian coconut lamb curry   87.5
Malaysian curry chicken   72.5
Malaysian aromatic cury with lamb or beef   72.5
Chicken marbella   72.5
Thai green curry chicken with vegetables   72.5
* All of the above are served with your choice of aromoatic rice, herbed couscous or brown rice

Slow cooked lamb ragu with pasta shells   87.5
Vegetarian ragu   62.5
Gourmet Beef lagsane   77.5
Gourmet Vegetarian lagsane   62.5
Chicken with spiced bulgar and apricot stuffing   77.5